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Last update: 2015-01-23
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Red haired spitting lady Marilyn

Rating: 10.00

Marilyn's spit threads go down at his face!

Marilyn wants to punish him and so she decides to spit at his face. He is totally disgusted because of her spit but that's exactly the thing she likes! Slowly she let her spit run above her lips... Moments later long threads of spit are landing at his face - that's so nasty!

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Rating: 10.00

Gothic Spitting Lady Lilith

Gothic Lady Lilith has a special treatment for her victim. Her special treatment is to let him drink her spit no matter if he wants or not!

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update

Anny & Sue S.

Rating: 0.00

Female domination during spitting

Dominant ladies Anny and Sue spit all over their slaver. They take turns spitting on his face and into his mouth. This loser's totally at their mercy and has to open his slave mouth again and again to take the ladies' spit and swallow it. Extreme spit domination with a lot of spit from both ladies.

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