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Last update: 2016-11-15
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Rating: 7.00

Jamie-Kate has her shoe soles licked

Jamie-Kate attends to her slave maggot and immediately has an idea of what she could do to him today! She sits down on his chest and spits on him. Then she takes off her dirty shoes and spits on the sole, so that he has to lick it clean subsequent!

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Spitting mistress Jana H.

Rating: 10.00

Humiliated by Jana

Today Jana H. has a very special task for the stupid, tiny wanker... To start with, she has tied up the loser so he cannot move anymore - he is completely defenseless this way! Then the dominant mistress tells him what she likes to do with him! It doesn't look like he enjoys the thought of it...! First she spits a few times right into his face! Then she raises her skirt a little bit and brays her saliva all over his face with her ass! This is so humiliating!!

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update

Jazee & Jenna J.

Rating: 10.00

Chewed food and spit on

The girlfriends Jazee and Jenny have fun with their spit victim. He is extremely humiliated and spit on. They chew grapes and step on the chewed grapes with their shoes. He has to eat all they give him! He has to eat from the floor and their shoes as well. Once his face is completely covered with spit he has to open his mouth so the girls can spit into it.

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