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Last update: 2017-08-05
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Vicky Carrera

Rating: 2.00

A new watery place

Of course it's my duty to pay attention to my slave's creature comforts... I pay a visit to my dungeon where my slave's already waiting at my throne to be fed. I instruct him to open up his mouth so that he can receive my divine spittle. Some of it goes straight into his muzzle, some of it lands on his face and gives him an even more pitiful look. But that's the life of a slave and he should be able to handle it! His tasty drink should be enough for some days, so I have some more leisure time now! I leave him alone at the feet of my throne.

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Rating: 10.00

Spitting slave in office

Today I'll have to do some work on my laptop, but I'm really not in the mood. Maybe my slave can do something about it and brighten up my mood a bit, when I use him as my fall guy during work. Therefor I tie him on the floor and spit on his face several times. He's looking so disgusting, eww! For once he's quiet and well behaved because he knows that otherwise my mood would cause him a far worse punishment and pain. But somehow his view is just too pitiful while I humiliate him. Stupid skunk.

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update

Spitting mistress Jana H.

Rating: 10.00

Humiliated by Jana

Today Jana H. has a very special task for the stupid, tiny wanker... To start with, she has tied up the loser so he cannot move anymore - he is completely defenseless this way! Then the dominant mistress tells him what she likes to do with him! It doesn't look like he enjoys the thought of it...! First she spits a few times right into his face! Then she raises her skirt a little bit and brays her saliva all over his face with her ass! This is so humiliating!!

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