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Last update: 2015-01-28
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Jana H.

Rating: 8.00

Jana H. gives him a chilling

This asshole was ordered by Jana H. to remain in the dirt at the ground! She sits above him at a chair and wants to give him a chilling! She spits right at her feet and then rubs her spit all over his mouth. And then the loser has to lick away all of her nasty spit...!

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update


Rating: 10.00

He has to lick Svenja's boots clean

Mistress Svenja wants him to lick her sexy black boots clean. She thinks that they are dirty and her slave has to lick them clean. In her kindness, she helps the slave, spitting on her boots again and again. That way they are wet enough so that he can get them really clean, right?

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Do you like boots?

Whether he likes Leana's boots or not, he will now watch her spitting on her boots, cleaning them again afterwards with his face. The shirt will see some new spots as well, and then Leana decides she wants to stand on him. Again and again she spits on her boots, rubbing them along his face. That's what such a boot servant deserves!

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