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Last update: 2023-03-11
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Sexy boots and spit

Mistress Zora puts the leash on the slave and tells him what to do. The slave mutt admires her sexy boots and can hardly pull himself together with enthusiasm. Mistress Zora gives her mutt a special treat and spits on her boots. Now the slave may touch her boots with his tongue and lick her spit thoroughly. Then she spits on them again...

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Cleaning soles with lots of spit

Queen Hanna has just finished a long jog. She has now put her feet up and sees how dirty her shoes have become. She calls the slave over to clean them again with his tongue. Queen Hanna wants the dirt to come off properly and spits on her shoes. Nauseous, the slave must nevertheless lick Queen Hanna's sneakers clean again! She pays close attention and expects absolute thoroughness!

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Much spit on his face

Mistress Anfisa enters the room, with her slave dog on a leash. They were out walking for a long time. Now the slave's knees are burning and he is thirsty. His mistress wants him to lie down on the floor in front of her, facing her upwards. He willingly opens his mouth hoping Mistress Anfisa will give him her spit to drink, but she has another plan. He doesn't get to drink the spit he so desires, but instead gets it all over his face! That is so disgusting!

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