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Last update: 2018-06-17
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Anna B.

Rating: 2.00

Lots of spit for the slave!

Mistress Anna has her spit slave lying on the floor in front of her. From above, she spits again and again into his face and into his slave mouth. He obediently swallows her spit and leaves his mouth wide open. That's exactly how the mistress wants it! He's lucky to have the chance to drink her juicy saliva. It's an honor for a slave pig like that. Would you like to lie there too?! Come on... Open up for the mistress!

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Spitting education for the slave

This yellow pig wanted to escape. But he didn´t bargains for me. Now he wedges under the chair and I sit on it! But this is not his only punishment. From above I spit down on him and rub the whole snot with my shoes into his face. It´s time to teach him manners and that makes a lot of fun to me!

The most favourite SpittingBitches.com Update

Jazee & Jenna J.

Rating: 10.00

Chewed food and spit on

The girlfriends Jazee and Jenny have fun with their spit victim. He is extremely humiliated and spit on. They chew grapes and step on the chewed grapes with their shoes. He has to eat all they give him! He has to eat from the floor and their shoes as well. Once his face is completely covered with spit he has to open his mouth so the girls can spit into it.

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