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Rating: 6.43

Banana porridge with spit!

On the ground, slave! Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna show him his place and spit into his face. This is so humiliating and disgusting! Bad luck for the slave, because the mistresses make him lick up the spit from the floor! But for Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane that's not disgusting enough for him yet. They take a banana and Queen Hanna starts to chew it. This will be the slave's breakfast. Then she spits the muddy banana porridge right into his face. He should see what he has to eat now! Mistress Jane spits at him too - eat the porridge!


Jana H.
Jana H. gives him a chilling
Lick the boots
Sabrina A.
Mistress Sabrinas game of spit
Hanna & Jane
This proper blowjob training!