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Rating: 10.00

Completely spit-covered boots - lick slave, LICK!

There is still way too much dirt on Bratty Jenny-Nina's shoes so she wants the slave to lick them completely clean. He licks her hot boots so that the dirt sticks to his tongue. Then he licks the especially dirty soles and swallows everything down. To Bratty Jenny-Nina this slave is as much a worthless piece of dirt as that that sticks to her shoes. That's why she brutally makes fun of him spits onto her dirty boots. Lick that off and do it right! Bratty Jenny-Nina holds the completely spit-covered boots in front of his mouth! Lick slave, LICK!


Chrisa's Spitbowl
Face mask with spittle
There is only spit to drink
Expensive shirt ruined by spit