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Rating: 8.33

Eat her spit!

No wonder the slave is hungry. Mistress Anfisa hasn't given him anything to eat for three days. But today she shows herself kind and gives him a huge portion of her spit to eat! She snorts in his mouth and he has to swallow everything. No matter whether he likes it or not. He has to swallow it all! Mistress Anfisas spit runs over her sexy lips and drips directly on his tongue. Come on! Swallow!!! She does that again and her spit pulls long threads until it arrives in his slave's mouth. But that isn't it yet. Mistress Anfisa spits all over his feeding bowl and lets him lick everything like a dog!


Sue S.
Sue's property gets marked with spittle!
Daliah's shoe cleaner slave
Swallow spit!
Smell Joyce's pussy, loser!