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Rating: 8.50

Extreme spit drinking punishment

Today Jenna's & Jazee's slave gets sloshed. They sit down on him and start to spit into a champagne glass. They take turns and the glass gets filled with their spit. Of course the slave has to endure their weight during the process - as if they'd care! The glass gets filled up slowly and the girls look forward to the upcoming punishment. Of course they already tell him WHY they fill up the glass with their spit - he'll drink it all! But the glass isn't filled enough yet so they continue to prepare the special spit cocktail. That takes some time - but in the end they're pleased with the amount of spit in the glass so they hold his head in position and makes him open his mouth. He has to drink all of their spit and he better doesn't spit out a single drop!


Swallow all my spit and food
Jana H.
The desire to spit at him
Sunnys Spit Surprise
Smelling ass and spittle