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Rating: 9.57

He has to swallow soo much spit!

The two dominant ladies Anny and Sue have something very nasty in mind... a very disgusting task for their slave! Therefore they spit right into a champagne glass and collect very much of their saliva in it. One after another they spit into the glass but of course it takes some minutes to fill the glass... so in the meantime they decide to use the slave as their living seating cushion! Whit some hot facesitting action he has to wait for his special spit drink! He can do nothing against their nasty treatment and just sees the increasing amount of spit in the glass while he awaits the moment when he has to empty the glass and swallow all of their saliva...!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-11-06 love the jeans facesitting and double girl video Awesome!!! waffel
Lick spat-on boots clean!
Josie's spit lesson
Jamie-Kate spits and spits and spits...
Sabrina A.
Top down spitting humiliation