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Rating: 8.29

Jana wants to get his mouth full of spittle

Mistress Jana wants to spit in the face of the loser, and then she also wants to use his mouth as a spittoon. She loves and enjoys to use his user mouth like that. And so mistress Jana keeps on spitting. And then she has other plans - and wants him to clean her boots.She mixes the dirt on her boots with her spit and the slave, with his face full of spittle, has to lick it all clean. And of course he has to swallow everything! Again and again she orders him to open his mouth wider, which is already full of spit and dirt and grime from her boots.


Mud with spit
Spit for the latex sissy
Lick the spit from the platform!
Turned from a seat cushion into a spit-shoe licker