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Lady Nora - Trying out the shoeshine boy

Part 6/11 from full clip "Lady Nora - This is how I shape my foot slave!"! I return to my slave, who has cleaned up well and is waiting for me. My boots are very dirty from the walk. The slave will therefore clean my path through the apartment! But first he takes proper care of my boots, which need to be cleaned thoroughly. My slave wants to get to work with his shoe cleaning kit, but I stop him. Because my boots need a thorough pre-wash first - from his tongue! I want to see what my slave is prepared to do to be allowed to serve me as a shoeshine boy and spit vigorously on my boots!


Lick spat-on boots clean!
Anny & Sue S.
He has to swallow soo much spit!
Josie's spit lesson
Jamie-Kate spits and spits and spits...