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Rating: 8.00

Lick the spittoon clean, Loser!

Lady Amy lets her slave, who hasn't been allowed to eat for two days, watch as she eats one grape after the other. But as kind as she is, she gives him something too. She puts a grape in her mouth, chews it to pieces and spits it out into the slave's bowl with a splash. Grapes give Lady Amy has a particularly intense saliva flow and the slave must lick it all up. Eat the mush out of the bowl! Lady Amy makes him eat her spit until nothing is left. Oh what... already empty? Well then, Lady Amy just spits out another huge load for him!


Anna B.
Lots of spit for the slave!
Spit against thirst!
Bubble gum and saliva
Anna B. & Mia B
Spitting carpet humiliation