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Rating: 10.00

Mind games and spit

Quite intimidated, the slave kneels in front of Mistress Anfisa and looks at her, trembling. He is extremely nervous and sweats so much that it runs down his forehead. Mistress Anfisa looks at him and observes his physical reactions when she is near him. His feelings are a combination of awe, admiration, shame and fear. Then Mistress Anfisa takes off one of her high heels, holds the sole of the shoe under her mouth and spits on it. This happens right in front of the eyes of the slave, who is still stuck in his emotional state, kneeling in front of her. Now she wants to see how he slowly licks her spit with pleasure!


Marilyn's spit threads go down at his face!
Denise tramples her victim and spits at him
Lady Amy spits on her slave
Alisha´s spit torture