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Rating: 10.00

Pre-chewed with a lot of spit, the slave eats it from her feet

The slave brings Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna homemade cake and hopes that they will reward him for his baking skills. But the cake is much too dry and sweet for them! Mistress Jane wants to know if this cake tastes good to the slave and drops a piece of it on the floor. She crushes it into a cake pudding and spits on it for the slave, so that he can swallow it at all. The slave lies down on the floor and tastes his own cake. This amuses them so much that they make the slave eat the rest, pre-chewed and with lots of spit from the mistresses!


Lady Luciana - Today is spit day!
Mud with spit
Spit for the latex sissy
Lick the spit from the platform!