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Rating: 10.00

Slave dog has to drink spit!

Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna hold this stupid slave dog captive. Sometimes he has to stay in the kennel for days and he is always kept on a leash when he is allowed to leave it. Now he sits, thirsty, on all fours next to Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna and hopes to finally get something to drink. Oh yeah, he'll get that alright! Queen Hanna spits on Mistress Jane's boot sole. Mistress Jane holds the saliva in front of the slave and lets him lick it up! He certainly did not expect such a delicious drink. Of course, he doesn't have the option to quench his thirst in another way, so he has to keep on licking up the spit of the mistresses...


Jane & Layla
Spitting Sisters
Jane & Layla
2 girls and 1 face to spit on
Jamie-Kate has her shoe soles licked
Anny & Sue S.
2 girls and their saliva - feet licking and spit on