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Rating: 7.60

Slave porridge with a lot of spit

A banana is lying on the floor and Mistress Anfisa crushes it under her sandal. The slave will get to eat it immediately! But not just like that. NO! As a topping Mistress Anfisa spits her hot saliva onto it. A loser like him deserves to eat nothing else! After days of captivity during which he got nothing to eat, he is certainly happy about Mistress Anfisa's generous meal. She prepares him a disgusting porridge with a lot of spit. Eat it now! The slave makes a great effort to eat this banana spit porridge and choke it down. He succeeds, more or less. He tries to hide his disgust. He fears a hard punishment from his mistress. Then it becomes even harder for him. Mistress Anfisa spits again, orders him to eat EVERYTHING and threatens him with a fearsome punishment...


Submissive Lick-slave
Lick dirt with spit!
Jazee & Jenna J.
2 Girls spitting