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Rating: 7.60

Spat into his face

Mistress Cleo orders her slave to massage her feet. But she isn't satisfied with his work and knows he's unable to do anything right - so she spits right into his face. The slave tries to do better but he still is spat on and gets hard slaps to the face. How can a slave be so dumb? As he completely fails to satisfy her he has to open his mouth as a punishment - so Cleo can spit right into it. Now he better tries harder! Of course he fails again and Cleo has seen enough - finally. He has to lie down on the floor and she spits right into his slave mouth!


Katja & Ljuba
Extremely spat on and humiliated
Swallow Jamie-Kate's spit, loser!
Anna B.
Spit into the slave's mouth
Used as a human ashtray and spitting slave