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Rating: 10.00

Spit and sole dirt from Princess Serena and Lady Nora

There is chewing gum and other dirt stuck under Princess Serena's high heels, and also my soles are covered in dirt, so let's do something about it! This slave has made an application to me, Lady Nora, to be our servant, so now we'll let him serve properly. Locked in place - and with the help of our spit - the slave surely can clean the dirt from under our soles and, if not, we will still have our fun! He serves us with his tongue as a submissive shoe licking slave and swallows not only dirt, but also a lot of spit!


Spitting into his mouth and licking spit from the floor
Dirty soles and her spit
Sara Surprisink
Licking the spit off high heels
Spitting Chair