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Spit Waffle Porridge with Lady Nora

I'm always interested in the well-being of my slaves - because I like it when it becomes uncomfortable for them! His head dutifully held under my sneaker, he does everything I want him to do. He followed me at every turn and had to starve all day on his chain while I ate delicious things. I no longer wish to endure the sound of his stomach rumbling so share with him my delicious cooking! I bite off a piece off the waffle, chew it thoroughly and spit it on the floor with a lot of saliva. Eat it and be thankful! I trample the chewed spit-waffle mush with my shoes and urge the slave to lick his meal off the soles too!


Spit, aim, fire! Go!
Jane & Layla
Spitting Sisters
Jane & Layla
2 girls and 1 face to spit on
Jamie-Kate has her shoe soles licked