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Rating: 5.50

Spitting slave used as ashtray

This is gonna be really disgusting for Lady Amy's spit slave. She lights up a cigarette to enjoy during her break. She spits her smoky cigarette saliva directly into her slave's mouth. Bah! He has to swallow her spit now and also gets puffed with the cigarette smoke. He has to serve as an ashtray slave and lies on the floor in front of Lady Amy. He offers the clean ashtray towards her, but she doesn't use it at all... She prefers to drop ash directly on the slave's face. Then she puffs her cigarette, blows the smoke into his face, spits into his face and snaps the ash from her cigarette into his face. This is so degrading and that's how Lady Amy wants it! He has to swallow an extreme amount of her cigarette-tasting spit. She enjoys her position far above him and presses her pointed heels deep into his stomach.


Lick the spit from the platform!
Turned from a seat cushion into a spit-shoe licker
Licking dirt and spit from the shoes
Spit for the boot slave