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Rating: 6.00

The slave has to swallow the spit of two mistresses

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane don't want this slave to be thirsty. He has to swallow all their spit. From Queen Hanna the slave gets a good load of spit in his mouth. Mistress Jane gobs on the sole of her shoe and holds it before the slave for licking! He has to lick every drop of spit from her sole. But it only gets harder for him! Mistress Jane spits a huge load of her spit directly into the mouth of the slave. The slave has never swallowed so much spit at once before. That's really disgusting, but he has no choice and must continue to drink the spit of Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna.


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Spit of two Mistresses
A mouthfull spit
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Blows and spit for the filthy pig
Alita´s spit water