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Rating: 9.86

Trampled and spat on - who aims better?

The slave is lying on the floor and already awaits the sis Jane and Layla - who will spit on him today. They want to test who can aim better at his face and mouth - so they start a spitting competition. They stand on his chest wearing their high heels, spit on him and laugh at him. That's his life as the sis slave - he's degraded and punished all day long. They don't care if he's in pain or if he's humiliated - it even makes it more fun for them! This competition will end when there's no spit left - and that could take a while!


Do not choke - lick!
Hanna & Jane
Dirty mutt has to eat her spit
PVC high heels with spit
Eat spit, boot slave!