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Rating: 10.00

Dirty foot slave'ss task

What the slave is here for should now be clear to him! Mistress Zora holds her shoes in front of his face and demands clean soles! So tongue out and lick! The slave starts licking right away but Mistress Zora isn't satisfied with his miserable effort. She spits on the soles of her shoes so that the dirt loosens up. Now let's try that again - lick off all the dirt! He has to lick up the dirt mixed with her spit and swallow it down. He obeys well and does everything his mistress demands of him. Exactly as it should be under all circumstances for a submissive foot slave!


Watering my own way
Lick it clean until there is not a drop of spit left!
Lick spat-on boots clean!
Anny & Sue S.
He has to swallow soo much spit!