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Rating: 10.00

Double portion of spit for the slave!

Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane now teach the slave how to lick properly. Their dirty shoe soles offer the ideal training area for this. OK slave, go! Show us what you can do and get licking! Lick everything clean, eat the dirt and the spit of Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna! A good portion of their spit can be licked off the soles of their shoes. Lick them up and eat the spit, slave! The Mistresses spit more and more on the soles of their shoes and hold all the saliva in front of the slave. Come on, everything has to be nice and clean!


Open your mouth!
Sandra B.
Completely cover his face with spit!
He has to drink her spit!
Jazee & Jenna J.
2 Girls spitting