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Rating: 7.60

Spit is the best dirt dissolver

The slave will now feel pure humiliation! Princess Serena has already made him put on dirty ladies boots, which he is wearing now whilst squatting down in front of her like a good boy. His mistress is also wearing damn dirty, sexy boots which he has to take care of. Princess Serena spits in the middle of her black patent boots and then tells the slave to lick off her spit and all the dirt. He has to clean her boots completely with only his tongue and her spit. This is a big challenge because they are very dirty! But the slave is well-behaved and licks the dirt off her soles. Princess Serena spits on them again and again. His tongue is finally coloured deep brown by all the dirt... and then comes the next load of spit from Princess Serena just in time! Spit is simply the best dirt solvent!


Licking the heels full of spittle
Do you like boots?
Spit on the soles!
Cheesy nylon feet and loads of spit!