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Rating: 9.25

Lick dirt with spit!

The dirt on Queen Hanna's shoes is best removed with saliva! The slave tries to get her shoes clean, but it doesn't work. That's not good enough for his Mistres. ueen Hanna spits on her sole and holds it in front of the slave's face. Tongue out and lick thoroughly! He has to lick up all the dirt and all the spit and swallow it. It's so disgusting, but Queen Hanna's shoes are supposed to be as shiny as a whistle! The slave clearly has too little saliva of his own, so Queen Hanna spits directly into his mouth. Only with lots of spit will he get her shoes really clean!


Lick the spit from her high heels
Slave porridge with a lot of spit
The slave eats all her spit!
The best meal of his slave life!