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Rating: 9.50

Lick the sneaker dirt and spit away!

The slave will now lick Mistress' worn shoes clean. He diligently licks the dirty soles while Mistress Anfisa tells him of her experiences in them. When and where she has has worn these sneakers and how many slaves she has already tormented and punished with them. These sneakers have really seen a lot! After all they are the oldest shoes that Mistress Anfisa owns. Now this slave has the privilege of absorbing the history of these shoes with his tongue. He licks off all the dirt and swallows it down. Mistress Anfisa spits on her worn out sneakers and lets the slave lick her horny saliva. How disgusting!


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Sandra B.
Completely cover his face with spit!
He has to drink her spit!
Spit servant training