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Rating: 7.33

Spit for the solelicker!

The soles of Mistress Roxana's shoes are completely dirty and worn out. Her slave now has to fix them up and lick them so cleanly that she could walk on a white carpet without leaving a trace. He begins his task and starts to lick her filthy soles clean. Mistress Roxana notices immediately how untalented her slave is and 'helps' him with a generous portion of spit! Only with enough spit has he any chance to lick all the dirt off her soles. He licks up her spit and the dirt and always gets new spit from Mistress Roxana. Everything has to be clean! So lick it all up!


Svenja's slave - the living spittoon
Spitted in his face
Vicky Carrera
Spittoon just in case
Anna B.
Lots of spit for the slave!