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Rating: 9.67

Watering my own way

Every ordinary guy would burst from horniness, when he could have the chance to see me in pink lingerie. But this abject pussy shivers from fear, even if I haven't started yet! I have to admit that he knows me well, that's why he knows exactly that my look doesn't fit the merciless games I'm playing with him. And he's right with that... quickly my spittle rains down on him and hits his face! He's so disgusted at it, but before he even has the chance to clean his face, I smear the spittle all over it with the help of my fabulous ass and pussy. What a nice look he got, haha!


Slave porridge with a lot of spit
The slave eats all her spit!
The best meal of his slave life!
Spit is the best dirt dissolver