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Spitting mistresses Anny & Sue S.

Rating: 8.56

2 girls and their saliva - feet licking and spit on

If he likes it or not doesn't matter - the two dominant ladies Anny and Sue S. give a fuck about him! They want to humiliate this loser! They want to put their feet at his body and face and they especially like to spit on him!! They order him to open his stupid mug so they can easily spit right into it! But that's just the beginning. The two ladies continue to spit at their feet and then he has to lick everything clean again - and of course he has to adore and worship their feet too! First the one foot, then the other... regardless if he likes it or not!


Sunny´s human spit bowl
Antonia spit at her slave!
You are here to swallow
Swallow all my spit and food